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EMQ X Newsletter 202103

In March, the focus of our work was on finalising 4.3 release as well as the design of EMQ X Broker 5.0

The EMQ X open source project officially adopts the RFC

To make our open source projects moving forward in a more innovative, positive, and efficient rapid iterative state, the EMQ X team announced that started to officially adopt the RFC process to collect suggestions from the community and to continuously improve the product's functions.

We’re gearing for community - EMQ X project newsletter 202102

Thanks to a great community & fantastic dedicated EMQX open-source team, we are developing features & fixes at a break neck pace.

EMQ X Enterprise now supports the IoV GB/T32960 protocol

EMQ X Enterprise v4.2.3 adds the ability to access the IoV GB/T32960 protocol. This article will introduce how EMQ X can access GB/T32960 protocol devices.

Build an EMQ X cluster based on HAProxy

HAProxy can provide high availability, load balancing, and TCP and HTTP based application proxies. This article will introduce how to build the EMQ X cluster based on HAProxy.

EMQ helps SAIC Volkswagen building IoV platform

The IoV access solution based on EMQ X provides functions such as persistence, southbound message caching, and secure authentication to meet SAIC Volkswagen's IoV platform's needs.

EMQ X Enterprise 4.2.2 is now available!

EMQ X enterprise 4.2.2 improves the usability of the LwM2M protocol. The rules engine can choose synchronous/asynchronous method to store data. Some resources provide batch enable switches.

EMQ X + ClickHouse implements IoT data collection and analysis

IoT data collection involves mass equipment and data, EMQ X + ClickHouse is fully capable of IoT data access, storage, analysis and processing.

EMQ officially launched the solution for IIoT

We will introduce how to build an IIoT platform that integrates the capabilities of data collection, aggregation, cleaning, storage and analysis, and visualization.

The converged application of EMQ X + CNN in AIoT

We will present a simple application of AIoT: use EMQ X to collect hydraulic system temperature sensor data and forward it to 1D CNN to predict its cooler state.