Blog - Message Persistence

Persisting MQTT sessions and messages to Redis

This article will use actual examples to introduce how to store the MQTT session and message data of EMQ X MQTT broker through Redis.

Store MQTT messages to the OpenTSDB

This article will describe how to store related EMQ X MQTT message through OpenTSDB by practical examples in the system CentOS 7.2

EMQ X plugin persistence series (5) - MySQL MQTT data storage

This article uses the practical example in `CentOS 7.2` to illustrate how to store related MQTT data through MySQL.

EMQ X MQTT broker plugin persistence series (4) PostgreSQL data persistence

This article introduces the use of the EMQ X MQTT Broker Persistence Plugin (PostgreSQL), and illustrates how to use PostgreSQL to store related MQTT data through practical examples.

EMQ X Persistence Plug-in Series (II) - InfluxDB Data Storage

InfluxDB is an open source sequential database developed by InfluxData. It was written by Go and focuses on querying and storing sequential data with high performance. InfluxDB is lighter than the OpenTSDB database introduced in the previous issue, and is better than OpenTSDB in benchmarking indicators given officially by InfluxData.