v4.1.0 Release


EMQ X 4.1.0 is released now, it mainly includes the following changes:


  • Support multi-language extension and provide SDK, supported languages: Python, Java
  • Support topic based metrics
  • Supports loading the latest configuration when the plugin starts
  • Support for topic aliases when messages are forwarded
  • Add subscription option configuration for proxy subscriptions
  • Support fuzzy query and multi condition query of client list
  • Support fuzzy query of subscription list
  • Support to add simple authentication information on Dashboard
  • Support data migration between versions
  • MQTT AUTH Packet is supported. At present, only SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication mechanism is supported and users can expand it by themselves
  • Support for obtaining network addresses and ports when using the proxy protocol
  • Add authentication plugin based on Mnesia database (completely replace emqx-auth-clientid and emqx-auth-username plugins in subsequent versions)
  • Support for editing rules in rule engine
  • Support comment configuration items when running EMQ X through Docker
  • LwM2M gateway plugin supports IPv6 and listens to multiple ports at the same time
  • CoAP gateway plugin supports IPv6
  • JWT authentication plugin supports configuration of jwerl signature format

Bug fixes:

  • Fix the issue that EMQ X could not start when etc/emqx.conf was read-only
  • Fix the issue that the connection process crashes in some cases
  • Fix the issue that the browser doesn't support the current SSL/TLS certificates
  • Fix the issue that the MQTT bridge plugin doesn't send heartbeat packets by default
  • Fix the issue that the abnormal login detection function does not delete the expired data, resulting in memory growth
  • Fix the issue that the built-in ACL module did not clear the ACL cache when reloading
  • Fix the issue that client.disconnected event in WebHook plugin goes wrong in some cases
  • Fix the issue that MQTT-SN gateway plugin doesn't support specifying listening IP address and supports IPv6