v4.3-rc.5 Release


EMQ X 4.3-rc.5 is released now, it mainly includes the following changes:



  • Improve wildcard subscription performance

    Github Issue: emqx#2985 Github PR: emqx#4645

  • Support single-line log output, and support rfc3339 time format

    Github PR: emqx#4656

  • Support routing table compression, reduce memory usage, enhance subscription performance, publishing performance will be slightly affected, so disable option is provided

    Github PR: emqx##4628

  • Rule engine SQL function supports conversion between unix timestamp and rfc3339 format time

    Github PR: emqx#4639

Bug fixes:

  • Fix the issue that EMQ X may fail to start in Docker

    Github PR: emqx#4670, emqx#4675, emqx#4657

  • When the rule engine resource is not initialized successfully, the corresponding rule status is set to unavailable

    Github Issue: emqx#4642 Github PR: emqx#4643

  • Fix the issue caused by reporting telemetry data when EMQ X is not fully started

    Github PR: emqx#4627

  • Fix the issue that the HTTPS certificate must be configured to load emqx-exhook plugin

    Github PR: emqx#4678