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  • #11725 Introduced the LDAP as a new authentication and authorization backend.

  • #11752 Changed default RPC driver from gen_rpc to rpc for core-replica database synchronization.

    This improves core-replica data replication latency.

  • #11785 Allowed users with the "Viewer" role to change their own passwords. However, those with the "Viewer" role do not have permission to change the passwords of other users.

  • #11787 Improved the performance of the emqx command.

  • #11790 Added validation to Redis commands in Redis authorization source. Additionally, this improvement refines the parsing of Redis commands during authentication and authorization processes. The parsing now aligns with redis-cli compatibility standards and supports quoted arguments.

Bug Fixes

  • #11757 Fixed the error response code when downloading non-existent trace files. Now the response returns 404 instead of 500.

  • #11762 Fixed an issue in EMQX's built_in_database authorization source. With this update, all Access Control List (ACL) records are completely removed when an authorization source is deleted. This resolves the issue of residual records remaining in the database when re-creating authorization sources.

  • #11771 Fixed validation of Bcrypt salt rounds in authentication management through the API/Dashboard.

  • #11780 Fixed validation of the iterations field of the pbkdf2 password hashing algorithm. Now, iterations must be strictly positive. Previously, it could be set to 0, which led to a nonfunctional authenticator.

  • #11791 Fixed an issue in the EMQX CoAP Gateway where heartbeats were not effectively maintaining the connection's active status. This fix ensures that the heartbeat mechanism properly sustains the liveliness of CoAP Gateway connections.

  • #11797 Modified HTTP API behavior for APIs managing the built_in_database authorization source. They will now return a 404 status code if built_in_database is not set as the authorization source, replacing the former 20X response.

  • #11965 Improved the termination of EMQX services to ensure a graceful stop even in the presence of an unavailable MongoDB resource.

  • #11975 This fix addresses an issue where redundant error logs were generated due to a race condition during simultaneous socket closure by a peer and the server. Previously, concurrent socket close events triggered by the operating system and EMQX resulted in unnecessary error logging. The implemented fix improves event handling to eliminate unnecessary error messages.

  • #11987 Fixed a bug where attempting to set the active_n option on a TCP/SSL socket could lead to a connection crash.

    The problem occurred if the socket had already been closed by the time the connection process attempted to apply the active_n setting, resulting in a case_clause crash.



  • #11637 Added extra diagnostic checks to help debug issues when mnesia is stuck waiting for tables. Library Updates: ekka has been upgraded to version 0.15.15, and mria to version 0.6.4.

Bug Fixes

  • #11565 Upgraded jq library from v0.3.10 to v0.3.11. In this version, jq_port programs are initiated on-demand and will not appear in users' processes unless the jq function in EMQX is used. Additionally, idle jq_port programs will auto-terminate after a set period. Note: Most EMQX users are running jq in NIF mode and will not be affected by this update.

  • #11676 Hid a few pieces of sensitive information from debug-level logs.

  • #11697 Disabled outdated TLS versions and cipher suites in the EMQX backplane network (gen_rpc). Added support for tlsv1.3 on the backplane and introduced new configuration parameters: EMQX_RPC__TLS_VERSIONS and EMQX_RPC__CIPHERS.

    The corresponding gen_rpc PR:

  • #11734 Fixed clustering in IPv6 network. Added new configurations rpc.listen_address and rpc.ipv6_only to allow EMQX cluster RPC server and client to use IPv6.

  • #11747 Updated QUIC stack to msquic 2.2.3.

  • #11796 Fixed rpc schema to ensure that client/server uses same transport driver.

  • #11798 Fixed the issue where the node could not start after executing ./bin/emqx data import [FILE].

    The connection between apikey_key and apikey_name is also enhanced for better consistency and unique identification.

    • apikey_key: When generating an API key via the dashboard, apikey_key will now create a unique value derived from the provided human-readable apikey_name.
    • apikey_name Conversely, when using a bootstrap file to generate an API key, apikey_name will be generated as a unique value based on the associated apikey_key.
  • #11813 Fixed the schema to ensure that RPC client SSL port aligns with the configured server port. This fix also guarantees that the RPC ports are correctly opened in the Helm chart.

  • #11819 Upgraded opentelemetry library to v1.3.1-emqx. This opentelemetry release fixes invalid metrics timestamps in the exported metrics.

  • #11861 Fixed excessive warning message printed in remote console shell.

  • #11733 Resolved an incompatibility issue that caused crashes during session takeover or channel eviction when the session was located on a remote node running EMQX v5.2.x or an earlier version.

  • #11750 Eliminated logging and tracing of HTTP request bodies in HTTP authentification and HTTP bridges.

  • #11886 Fixed backward plugin compatibility. Currently, EMQX validates hook point names, and invalid hook points cannot be used for hook registration. However, some older versions of plugin templates used misspelled hook points, and actual plugins in use may also have this issue. To maintain compatibility with these older plugins, we allow the use of the old hook points for hook registration, but we issue deprecated warnings for them. As before, these hooks will not be called.

  • #11897 Fixed the issue of waiting for a loop race condition during node configuration synchronization when cluster nodes are started approximately at the same time.



  • #11597 Upgraded ekka to 0.15.13, which incorporates the following changes:

    • Upgraded Mria to 0.6.2.
    • Introduced the ability to configure the bootstrap data sync batch size, as detailed in Mria PR.
    • Enhanced the reliability of mria_membership processes, as described in Mria PR.
    • Fix log message formatting error.
    • Added node.default_bootstrap_batch_size option to EMQX configuration. Increasing the value of this option can greatly reduce a replicant node startup time, especially when the EMQX cluster interconnect network latency is high and the EMQX built-in database holds a large amount of data, e.g. when the number of subscriptions is high.
  • #11620 Added a new rule-engine SQL function bytesize to get the size of a byte-string. e.g. SELECT * FROM "t/#" WHERE bytesize(payload) > 10.

  • #11642 Updated to quicer version 0.0.200 in preparation for enabling openssl3 support for QUIC transport.

Bug Fixes

  • #11682 Fixed an issue where logging would stop if "Rotation Size" would be set to infinity on file log handlers.
  • #11567 Improve EMQX graceful shutdown (emqx stop command):
    • Increase timeout from 1 to 2 minutes.
    • Printed an error message if EMQX can't stop gracefully within the configured timeout.
    • Print periodic status messages while EMQX is shutting down.
  • #11584 Fixed telemetry reporting error on Windows when os_mon module is unavailable.
  • #11605 Lowered CMD_overridden log severity from warning to info.
  • #11622 Upgraded rpc library gen_rpc from 2.8.1 to 3.1.0.
  • #11623 Upgraded library esockd from 5.9.6 to 5.9.7. This upgrade included:
    • Enhancements regarding proxy protocol error and timeout. esockd pr#178
    • Lowered ssl_error exceptions to info-level logging. esockd pr#180
    • Malformed MQTT packet parsing exception log level is lowered from error to info.
    • In command emqx ctl listeners output, the shutdown_count counter is incremented when TLS handshake failure (ssl_error) or Malformed packet (frame_error) happens.
  • #11661 Fixed log formatter when log.HANDLER.formatter is set to 'json'. The bug was introduced in v5.0.4 where the log line was no longer a valid JSON, but prefixed with timestamp string and level name.
  • #11667 Disabled access to the logout endpoint by the API key. This endpoint is for the Dashboard only.