# Upgrade

Upgrade to 1.1.2


1.0+ releases can be upgraded to 1.1.2 smoothly


  1. Download and install emqttd-1.1.2 to the new directory, for example:

    Old installation: /opt/emqttd_1_0_0/
    New installation: /opt/emqttd_1_1_2/
  2. Copy the 'etc/' and 'data/' from the old installation:

    cp -R /opt/emqttd_1_0_0/etc/\* /opt/emqttd_1_1_2/etc/
    cp -R /opt/emqttd_1_0_0/data/* /opt/emqttd_1_1_2/data/
  3. Copy the plugins/{plugin}/etc/* from the old installation if you loaded plugins.

  4. Stop the old emqttd, and start the new one.