# EMQ X Broker - High Performance MQTT Message Broker

EMQ X Broker R3.2 is a distributed, massively scalable, highly extensible MQTT message broker written in Erlang/OTP.

EMQ X Broker is previously known as emqtt, since R3.1, the name is officially changed to EMQ X Broker.

EMQ X Broker supports MQTT V3.1/V3.1.1 and V5.0 protocol standards. With the plugins, it can support MQTT-SN, WebSocket, CoAP, LwM2M, Stomp and other proprietary protocols based on TCP/UDP.

EMQ X works as single broker node or cluster. It provides scalable, reliable, MQTT message interconnection for IoT, IoV, M2M, Smart Hardware and Mobile Messaging Applications.


MQTT-SN and CoAP plugins are released in 2.0-RC.1, LwM2M and LoRaWan are released in 3.0.

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