# Slow subscribers statistics

This module ranks subscribers and topics in descending order according to the latency of message transmission

# Open module

Open EMQX Dashboard, click on the "Module" on the left.


Then, select the Slow Subscribers Statistics module, and then click Enable

# Implementation note

With this feature enabled, EMQX will start measuring message transmission latency. The measurement always starts when a message is received by EMQX, the end of the measurement is configurable. See more details below in configurations.

The per clientid-topic latency measurements are then ranked in the table view.

# Configuration description

  • threshold

    threshold is the minimum number of milliseconds the latency has to exceed, otherwise not collected for ranking

  • top_k_num

    This field determines the upper limit of the number of statistical records in the ranking table

  • expire_interval

    expire interval controls the effective time of each ranking record. If the a client-topic has no higher latency inserted for such long time, the record expires. For example if expire interval is 5 minutes, and client1-topic1 had a latency 500ms recorded (ranked top-K) at T1, and for the next 5 minutes, if there is no further measurements greater than 500, the ranking recorded will be deleted shortly after T1+5min

  • stats_type

    The ways to calculate the latency are as follows:

    1. whole

      From the time the message arrives at EMQX until the message completes transmission

    2. internal

      From when the message arrives at EMQX until when EMQX starts delivering the message

    3. response

      From the time EMQX starts delivering the message, until the message completes transmission

    Definition of message completion transmission:

    1. QoS0

      When EMQX starts to deliver

    2. QoS1

      When EMQX receives puback from the client

    3. Qos2

      When EMQX receives pubcomp from the client

Note: The open source version is configured in emqx.conf

# Slow subscribers record


Under this tab, the subscriber information will be displayed in descending order according to the time latency. After Clicking Client ID, it will display the subscriber details, where you can analyze and find the problem.