# Basic commands

EMQX provides the emqx command line tool to start, stop, and enter the console of EMQX.

  • emqx start

    Start the EMQX Broker

  • emqx stop

    Stop the EMQX Broker

  • emqx restart

    Restart the EMQX Broker

  • emqx console

    Start the EMQX Broker with console

  • emqx foreground

    Start EMQX Broker with console. Unlike emqx console , emqx foreground does not support entering Erlang commands;

  • emqx ping

    Ping EMQX Broker

  • emqx check_conf

    Check if the configuration file format is ok. You may run this command before starting to check if the configuration file format is correct.

The above commands are commonly used by users. In addition, the emqx command has some other options for the convenience of developers (ordinary users do not need to care about those).