# Prometheus

EMQX Broker provides emqx_statsd (opens new window) plug-in, which is used to output the monitoring data of the system to the third-party monitoring system.

Take Prometheus (opens new window) as an example:

emqx_statsd supports pushing data to Pushgateway, which is then pulled by Promethues Server for storage.


emqx_statsd does not support the pull operation of Prometheus.

# Configuration

The emqx_statsd plugin internally starts a timer to collect the monitoring data in EMQX Broker every interval.

For the specific fields and meanings of the monitoring data pushed by emqx_statsd, see Metrics & Stats

The configuration file is located in etc/plugins/emqx_statsd.conf, where:

ConfigurationTypeOptional valueDefault valueDescription
push.gateway.serverstring-' PushGateway address
intervalinteger> 05000Push interval, unit: ms

# Grafana Data template

The emqx_statsd plugin provides Grafana ’s Dashboard template files. These templates contain the display of all EMQX Broker monitoring data. Users can directly import them into Grafana and select icons that display the monitoring status of EMQX Broker.

The template file is located:emqx_statsd/grafana_template (opens new window)