# Introduction

EMQX (opens new window) is an Open-source MQTT (opens new window) broker with a high-performance real-time message processing engine, powering event streaming for IoT devices at massive scale.

As the most scalable MQTT broker, EMQX can help you connect any device, at any scale. Move and process your IoT data anywhere.

# Benefits

  • Massive Scale (opens new window): Scale to 100 million concurrent MQTT connections with a single EMQX 5.0 cluster.
  • High Performance: Move and process millions of MQTT messages per second in a single broker.
  • Low Latency: Guarantee sub-millisecond latency in message delivery with the soft real-time runtime.
  • Fully MQTT 5.0 (opens new window): 100% compliant with MQTT 5.0 and 3.x standard for better scalability, security, and reliability.
  • High Availability: Achieve high availability and horizontal scalability through a masterless distributed architecture.
  • Cloud-Native & K8s (opens new window): Easy to deploy on-premises or in public clouds with Kubernetes Operator and Terraform.

# Feature List

The following is a list of features of EMQX Open Source and Enterprise Edition.

ItemsEMQX Open SourceEMQX Enterprise
PositioningThe world’s #1 open source MQTT brokerThe reliable and scalable enterprise MQTT platform
ScalabilityUp to 100M MQTT connections per clusterUp to 100M MQTT connections per cluster
Performance5M+ MQTT messages per second5M+ MQTT messages per second
ReliabilityData storage in memoryData persistence in RocksDB(Coming soon)
Latency1~5 millisecond1~5 millisecond
SLA99.99%Up to 99.999%
Integrations (Out-of-the-box)340+
License ModelApache Version 2.0Commercial license (Business source license)
Technical SupportOpen source community24/7 Global support
MQTT 5.0 Broker
MQTT Add-ons
Multi-Protocol Gateways
Data Persistence
Schema Registry
Message Codec
Rule Engine
Flow Editor
File Transfer
Kafka Integration
Enterprise Integrations
Cloud-Native & K8s
Edge Computing