Authorization MQTT Data


On EMQX is there available feature that users can manage Read Write on some topics?

  • user a with topic /foo/bar read only
  • user b with topic /foo/bar read and write

with same user different roles

Of course, EMQX provides the ACL feature, you can refer to this ACL doc.

Thanks for the quick reply,

My bad, I forgot about mentioning ACL in HTTP requests.
because on documentation I cannot find any section explaining that ACL ?
what I got from the documentation is that only the user can pub/sub to some topics and action allow/block,

or I miss something.

please help.

Sorry, currently EMQX only supports permission control for users, and does not provide role capabilities.

Are there any plans to develop this feature in the future?

Not yet. Which aspects of the current user access control cannot meet your needs?