EMQX: How to set up MQTT bridge?

I have currently set up mosquitto with an mqtt bridge to my wallbox.
The current config simply reads as:

connection openwb
topic openWB/# both 2
local_clientid rem.mosquitto

This is a bridge in both ways.
I don’t know how to set up this bridge in EMQX (in home assistant, so only gui, no config files).
As far as I understand, I would have to set up both Egress and Ingress? This however does not allow to set up both openWB/# topics. Also I am not sure with the /# ending. The readme Bridge Data into MQTT Broker | EMQX 5.0 Documentation does not mention this ending, however, the web interface does:

I tried both with and without /# and neither works.

Also I have no idea if and who I would need to set up a rule.
The standard rule reads as


Could someone point me in the right direction on how I would copy the above working bridge configuration into EMQX?

Still not successful - any place I could find help?

Anyone has any idea? Anyone reading here?

I think EMQX is not the right choice for me. No mqtt bridge, no help.