Lightweight and flexible IoT message exchange and data transfer protocol


Internet of Things (IoT) devices must be connected to the Internet. By connecting to the Internet, devices can collaborate with each other and with back-end services. The basic network protocol of the Internet is TCP/IP. MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transmission) is built on the TCP/IP protocol stack and has become the standard for IoT communications.

MQTT message middleware with high-reliability and high-performance has become the necessary infrastructure software for developing IoT applications and building IoT platforms.

EMQ X is an open source MQTT broker developed with the highly concurrent Erlang/OTP language platform, supporting millions of connections, distributed cluster architecture, and publish-subscribe mode.

EMQ X is widely used in cross-industry fields such as the global Internet of Things, smart home, and mobile messaging. Whether it is a product prototype and IoT startup, or a large-scale commercial deployment, EMQ X is open source and free for use.

  • checkMultiple security authentication / ACL mechanism
  • checkOut-of-the-box flexible expansion system
  • checkRule engine for flexible message data processing
  • checkReal-time data monitoring, integrated operation and maintenance management suite
  • checkCross-platform or cloud deployment
  • checkOASIS member, participating in standards development
  • check100% MQTT compliant
  • checkFully implemented by MQTT 5.0
  • checkDistributed cluster architecture, complete cluster support
  • checkHigh concurrency and low latency
Why choose MQTT?

lightweightLightweight and reliable

Enable stable transmission over severely restricted device hardware and high-latency / limited-bandwidth network

standardMore standard protocol

The protocol is so complete that it can be put into production right away, and once the same protocol is implemented at each end, communication can take place.

ecologyBetter ecology

Its client and SDK covers all language platforms, it is an Internet of things platform standard communication protocol for AWS IoT Core Azure IoT Hub and other top cloud vendors, which is an actual standard of Internet of things.

iotBorn for the Internet of Things

Based on the publish-subscribe mechanism, it provides comprehensive IoT application features such as Heartbeat mechanism, Will message, QoS quality level + offline message, asynchronous mechanism, topic and security management.

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