EMQ X helps build the IoT platform at any scale

Choose the EMQ X product that works for you:

EMQ X Edge

  • Lightweight
  • Deploy Anywhere
  • Data synchronization
  • Easy management & monitoring

EMQ X Broker

  • Open source
  • All IoT protocols supported
  • Low latency
  • Easy deployment

EMQ X Enterprise

  • High concurrency
  • Deploy Anywhere
  • Cluster monitoring features
  • 60-day free evaluation

EMQ X Platform

  • Massive scalability
  • Across data centers
  • Stream processing
  • Platform architecture consulting

EMQ X Edge

A lightweight, open source message broker running at any resource constraint edge devices.

Fully Open Source

Apache 2.0 License, Visit Github and like us

Light-weight real-time message

Low resource requirment, 15MB installation package, local real-time message, ARM/x86 platform deployment

Industrial protocol support

MQTT, CoAP, WebSocket, HTTP Protocol and Modbus Industrial Protocol Support

Message rule engine

SQL interfaced flexible rule engine and light-weight stream data processing, supporting configuring rules from cloud

Cloud Bridging

Message Data can be bridged to EMQ X Cluster or public cloud such as AWS, Azure IoT Hub

Offline Data Storage

Reliablly caching of data locally when the network is unavailable and synchronizing data to cloud services once back online

EMQ X Broker

A reliable, completely open source message broker for everyone and for any purpose

Open Source

Source Code available on GitHub and under Apache License 2.0.

Easy Deployment

Available in various binary packages for different OSs, easy to deploy.

Complete MQTT Compliance

The first broker fully supports MQTT 5.0, MQTT V3.1 and V3.1.1. works with most clients and tools.

Low Latency

Well designed and carefully implemented architecture to guarantee the millisecond level latency


Open APIs available to third-party plugins to support more protocols, new functions, and features.

Distributed System

Based on distributed Erlang system design; cluster can be easily scaled and have more clients connected.

Shared Subscription

Multiple clients in a group can share a subscription; a load balancing mechanism on the client side

EMQ X Enterprise

A feature-rich enterprise quality IoT messaging engine

High Concurrency

Supporting millions of concurrent connections in one cluster makes the large scaled application possible.

All Technologies Support

Native support of all major IoT protocol such as MQTT, CoAP/LwM2M, LoRaWAN, WebSocket, HTTP


EMQ X Control Center (ECC) provides a holistic and powerful monitoring dashboard for a real-time overview of the broker cluster and the overall health of the underlying brokers

High Security

Highest security standard in the industry: SSL/TLS encryption with various authentication and authorization mechanism such as ACL, OpenLDAP, JWT at different levels

High Scalability

Extensible cluster model supports even more concurrent connections. Makes extra large deployment possible.

Deploy Anywhere

Can be deployed virtually in any environment: from edge devices to virtual machine on the cloud; on-premises or on the public cloud; in docker and via K8S

Data Persistency

Supporting data persistence to relational DB such as MySQL, PostgreSQL; non-relational DB such as Redis, MongoDB and data pipelines such Kafka

EMQ X Platform

Massively scalable customized IoT architecture solution with professional consulting services

Ten Million Level High Capacity

The only private cloud platform solution in the world to support ten million level connection

All-network and multi-protocol

Supports all wireless networks access and major IoT protocols

Telecom Level High Reliability-Distributed Architecture

High availability, high reliability and multiple security mechanisms at telecom level

Excellent 5G network support

High concurrency, soft real-time and low latency network

Cross-cloud, Cross-IDC Deployment

Cross-data Center, large scale cluster deployment, multi-cloud platform architecture design

Compatible with legacy systems

Work with legacy systems through bridge mode



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EMQ X Broker-- A reliable open source message broker

EMQ X Broker is the most deployed MQTT broker worldwide. It is fully open sourced with installation packages available for Linux, Windows and OS X. It is the first open source broker which fully supports MQTT 5.0 meanwhile backward compatible with MQTT V3.1 and V3.1.1.

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EMQ X Edge

A lightweight, open source message broker running at any resource constraint edge devices.

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EMQ X Enterprise -- An enterprise quality IoT messaging engine

EMQ X Enterprise is an enterprise quality IoT messaging engine with the backbone of the EMQ X Broker with more protocol supported, more functional features, more performance optimization, and enhanced security. It can be deployed virtually in any environment.

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EMQ X Platform -- Massively scalable IoT

Architecture with professional consulting services EMQ X Platform supports tens of millions concurrent connections and can be deployed on multiple clusters crossing data centers. Our professional consulting services provide you a one-stop-shop experience to satisfy all your enterprise IoT needs.

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