EMQ X Edge

Open source lightweight IoT message broker for edge



EMQ X Edge is a light-weight edge computing message middleware for Internet of Things, which supports deployment of edge hardware in a resource-constrained environment.

  • Edge IoT data aggregation, for data from Neuron or devices
  • Cloud edge data bridging with offline data caching support
  • Integration with Kuiper for implementing edge data analysis


Fully Open Source

Apache 2.0 License, Visit Github and like us EMQ X Open Source Project

Light-weight real-time message

Low resource requirment, 20MB installation package, local real-time message, ARM/x86 platform deployment

Industrial protocol support

Integration with Neuron, and implementing Modbus, OPC-UA, MQTT, CoAP, WebSocket, HTTP protocol

Message rule engine

Integration with Kuiper, SQL interfaced flexible rule engine and light-weight stream data processing, supporting configuring rules from cloud

Cloud Bridging

Message Data can be bridged to EMQ X Cluster or public cloud such as AWS, Azure IoT Hub

Offline Data Storage

Reliablly caching of data locally when the network is unavailable and synchronizing data to cloud services once back online

Use Cases

Use Cases
  • Edge Access

    Running on ARM/x86 based edge servers with limited resources. It can be deployed in factories'product lines, base stations and mobile devices to access all kinds of IoT data.

  • Industrial Gateway

    Automatically convert industrial protocol data into MQTT data; work with SQL based rule engine and data synchronization service to achieve fast local processing for business logics.

  • Multi-Cloud Access

    Aggregate data collected at the edge into any IoT Hub cloud service that supports MQTT protocol such as AWS IoT Hub, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, etc.


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