EMQ X Enterprise

Enterprise-ready MQTT broker server which supports the multi-million level of concurrent connections


EMQ X Enterprise is a powerful, real-time and feature-rich messaging platform which supports multi-million level of concurrent connections and multi-protocol access including MQTT, CoAP and many more.

A built-in rule engine with SQL interface enables real-time data processing, including data filtering, transformations, aggregations and routing into other databases or to other stream engines.

It can be widely used in any IoT applications and use cases. It supports installation on bare metal and on-premises, or private/hybrid/public cloud, whether in Docker or on K8S.

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All-in-One Connectivity

Supports all major IoT protocols including MQTT、MQTT-SN、CoAP/LwM2M、HTTP、WebSocket

Supports industrial standard IoT protocols, such as JT-808/GBT-32960; backward compatible with TCP/UDP based proprietary protocols

Supports real-time duplex communication in all wireless networks, including WiFi、2G/3G/4G、5G、NB-IoT

Multiple Security Mechanisms of Authorization and Authentication

TLS/DTLS Encryption to ensure data transmission security, fully compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Supports X.509 certificate, OAuth2 access tokens, JSON web tokens (JWT) authentication

Supports integration of multiple fine-grained authentication plug-ins, such as LDAP、SQL、NoSQL

Real-time High Concurrency Message Routing

Million level concurrent connection on single node; distributed highly available cluster architecture

Millisecond level message routing latency and million messages per second throughput

Supports Avro, JSON, ProtoBuf and other message formats

Powerful Built-in Rule Engine

A powerful built-in rule engine that enables real-time data processing. It provides an easy-to-use, yet powerful SQL interface for stream processing without the need to write code in other programming languages. It supports a wide range of streaming operations, including data filtering, transformations, aggregations and routing into other databases such as SQL, NoSQL,TSDB or bridging to other stream engine such as Kafka, Pulsar, RabbitMQ. It enables rapid products integration, iteration and innovation.

Enterprise Service and Application Integration

Webhook mode publishing device online/offline events via message pushing to external services

Supports proxy subscription integration, automatically loads subscription topics from Redis or other databases upon devices online

Rich RESTful APIs for 3rd party application integration, such as quering and managing current connected devices

Supports Various Databases Persistence

Supports multi-database Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB Persistence Plug-Ins

Supports formatting and writing messages into multiple time series databases such InfluxDB, OpenTSDB, TimescaleDB and TDengine

Supports proxy subscription - automatically loads subscriptions from Redis or other databases without clients

Supports Bridging Messages to Kafka

100,000 messages/sec highly reliable message forwarding to Kafka stream processing middleware

Supports seamless integration of Erlang/OTP based RabbitMQ enterprise message Middleware

Supports flexible SQL interfaced data extraction, filtering, transforming and forwarding

EMQ X Control Center 1 EMQ X Control Center 2 EMQ X Control Center 3

EMQ X Control Center

EMQ X Control Center is a holistic and powerful monitoring dashboard that grants insight to your broker cluster.

In addition to a real-time overview and detailed monitoring metrics, this web UI grants administrative actions that allow the operation team to quickly identify and resolve problems as they arise.



Easy Deployment for Rapid Enterprise Integration

  • On bare metal or virtual machine; on premise or public cloud; in containers within K8S
  • SQL interfaced rule engine; supports of major DBs to achieve rapiad system integration
  • Supports multiple authentication plug-ins to seamlessly integrate into existing enterprise systems

Highly Secured Private Data at Low Cost

  • Effective use of hardware, network and cloud resources for low operating costs
  • No additional cost based on number of messages, controllable long-term operational cost
  • Data are entirely privately owned, fully compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Global Technical Support Team

  • Five branches across the globe; in North America, Europe and China
  • The founding team of EMQ hails from Huawei, IBM, and Amazon with years of experience and a deep understanding of the industry
  • Over dozens of strategic partners in North America, Europe and South Asia, include VMWare, Qualcomm, AWS and Huawei

Use Cases

EMQ X Enterprise is suitable for various large-scale IoT & 5G applications


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