EMQ X Kuiper

SQL based IoT rule engine running at resource constrained edge devices


Native run with small overhead ( ~7MB package ), no additional runtime or libraries are required
Across operating systems, support Linux/Mac OS
Implements streaming data analysis application by Kuiper SQL, easy to use and maintain
Built-in support for MQTT Brokers, such as EMQ X Edge, Eclipse Mosquito etc
Highly extensible, extension for supporting different data source, data sink and SQL functions
Command line tools and RESTful APIs for rules management


EMQ X Kuiper greatly improves the efficiency of data analysis for edge computing.

Apache 2.0 open-source, lightweight, and support to run in resource-constrained edge devices
Easy to be deployed and managed, quickly respond to agile business requirements
An EMQ integrated IoT solution supporting from edge to cloud


Fully open source

Apache 2.0 License, visit Github and like us EMQ X Kuiper

Lightweight and across operating system

Native run with small overhead, and across operating systems, support Linux/Mac OS

Real-time streaming processing

The SQLs are transformed to streaming runtime, produce streaming result near real-time

Rich time windows support

Support the time windows for IoT data analysis, such as tumbling, hopping, sliding and session window

Rich SQL functions support

Supports nearly 60 SQL functions, including mathematical, string, aggregate, conversion, hashing functions etc

CLI and Restful API tools

The CLI and Restful API for streaming, rules management tools. A query tool for SQL debugging

Use Cases

Industrial server of factory

Analyze data coming from factory product line, and publish the analysis data to cloud. The real-time product-line status can be monitor through by system deployed at local factory or remote sites.

Gateway of Connected Vehicle

Analyze data of vehicle CAN bus, and save the valuable analyzed result data to remote cloud or local storage. The real-time status can be accessed through local vehicle system or remote mobile application.

Smart-home gateway

By analyzing different kinds of data collected from smart-home, the important result could be displayed at home facilities, or send to user’s mobile application through cloud.