EMQ X Kuiper

SQL-based ultra-lightweight edge streaming data streaming, EdgeX Foundry built-in rules engine



The lightweight IoT edge analysis, streaming processing open-source software migrates cloud real-time streaming analytics frameworks such as Apache Spark and Apache Flink to the edge.

  • Ultra-lightweight, with an installation package of about 7~8MB and an initial running memory of about 10MB
  • Real-time streaming data processing with millisecond latency, up to 11k/s TPS for Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • Built-in rules engine and visual editing support for rapid business development
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Fully Open Source

Implementation of SQL Business Logic

Standard streaming SQL; 60+ built-in functions including maths, character processing and encoding support; 4 types of time window and count window support; multi-stream JOIN operations support.

Fully Open Source

Cross-platform and High Performance

Support for x86, ARM and MIPS architectures; Raspberry Pi 3B+ up to 11k/s TPS; support for running thousands of rules simultaneously.

Fully Open Source

Rules engine

Support for consuming data from data sources such as MQTT broker, EdgeX message buses and HTTP services, sending analysis results via MQTT messages, calling them via HTTP service calls and storing them in time series databases.



Golang plugin mechanism, support for custom functions (UDF) etc.; support for extended access to various data sources and targets.

Fully Open Source

Visualization Management

Edge manager provides a web-based console for online visual editing and management of streaming, rules and plugins.

Fully Open Source

Open-source and Openness

Based on the Apache 2.0 open source protocol; deep integration with open source edge computing frameworks such as EdgeX Foundry, KubeEdge & Baetyl.


EdgeX Foundry

The EdgeX implementation refers to a rules engine that accesses the data produced by the Application service for streaming analysis and invokes the control service for device control based on the results

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Adapting to the KubeEdge device model for real-time streaming data analysis at the edge

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EdgeX Foundry

IoT solutions based on EMQ Edge Series products

Instances of Neuron, Edge and Kuiper at the edge are centrally managed by Edge Manager deployed in the cloud; the raw or streamed data is then stored in a time series database for further processing of the collected data. This enables online management and updating of data collection, aggregation and analysis logic at the edge from the cloud.

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EdgeX Foundry

Huawei IEF-based edge streaming data processing solution

Huawei Intelligent EdgeFabric (IEF) provides the ability to extend applications on the cloud to the edge through accepting edge nodes, linking data from the edge and the cloud to meet customers' remote control of edge computing resources, data processing, and unified device/application monitoring, log collection and other O&M capabilities in the cloud, providing enterprises with a complete edge computing solution that collaborates with the cloud.

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Use Cases

Industrial Manufacturing 4.0 Industrial Manufacturing 4.0

By monitoring and analysing data from production lines, ERP and MES systems in real time, process and equipment problems can be identified and dealt with in a timely manner, effectively improving the current situation of delayed fault detection, unstable product quality, material waste and high inspection and repair costs. At the same time, the procurement process can be optimised and the inventory controlled, thus reducing the cost of inventory risk and maximising the customer's profitability.

Industrial Manufacturing 4.0 IoV

Real-time analysis of the vehicle bus data and related sensor data, immediate processing of the data can be implemented in the vehicle and machine via dynamic rules sent from the cloud. The Kuiper rule engine pushes valuable data to the cloud or local storage, thus the in-car system or the user's mobile app can view the car's status in real-time.

Industrial Manufacturing 4.0 Smart Home Gateway

Real-time analysis of data collected from cameras, temperature and humidity sensors and light sensors in the home, implementing automatic linkage and alarms between different devices in the home through the rules engine, sending important results to the user's mobile app via the cloud, enabling instant status management and control of home devices to improve home safety and quality of life.