EMQ X Neuron

The industrial IoT edge protocol gateway supports the construction of an Industry 4.0 platform in the 5G era

Neuron Overview


EMQ X Neuron is an IoT edge industrial protocol gateway software, which supports one-stop access to dozens of industrial protocols and converts them into MQTT protocol to access the cloud industrial IoT platform.

EMQ X Neuron can run business logic services, event trigger scripts, edge rule processing engines, and standard industrial alarm judgments to monitor the operation of machinery and equipment.

EMQ X Neuron supports one-stop platform gateway configuration management. All configurations, rules, and tags are unified managed on the cloud platform, and deployed on each gateway through Web services, enabling remote device monitoring, remote maintenance, remote configuration management functions.

EMQ X Neuron is suitable for deployment in various gateway hardware to build an industrial IoT platform. It does not require a container framework. It just requires ultra-low resource consumption, and supports three major architectures of X86, ARM, and MIPS.


Support Multiple Industrial Protocols

Support Multiple Industrial Protocols

Allen-Bradley DF1 half-duplex for PLC2 Allen-Bradley DF1 half-duplex for PLC5 Schneider Modbus RTU Schneider Modbus TCP Schneider Telemecanique UNI-TE ABB SattControl Comli Omron Host Link (single) Omron Host Link (multiple) Siemens 3964R/RK512 for S5 Siemens 3964R/RK512 for S7 Siemens Fetch Write for S7-300/400 and CP443 module Siemens Industrial Ethernet ISO for S7-300/400 Mitsubishi FX0N/FX0S/FX1N/FX1S/FX2 Mitsubishi FX2N/FX3U/FX3G/FX3S Mitsubishi FX3U-ENET-L/FX3U-ENET-ADP...

One-stop cloud platform gateway configuration management

One-stop cloud platform gateway configuration management

All gateway tags are managed uniformly on the remote cloud platform.

The tag configuration is unified, no duplication of work, and thus human errors can be reduced.

Each tag point of the configuration can be directly used on graphs, algorithms, and storage.

The tag name can be easily matched with the returned data.

The same configuration can be transferred to two gateways as a redundancy scheme.

Standard industrial alarm handling

Standard industrial alarm handling

Customize the alarm trigger point and content.

Grade each alarm point.

Can stop or start an alarm temporarily.

All effective alarms must be confirmed manually.

All warning/alarm effective time and confirmation time are recorded.

Web's human-machine interface

Web's human-machine interface

The gateway provides Websockets data stream and data read/write functions.

Able to display real-time data changes and update data in web browser.

Users can use these real-time data functions for secondary development for Web SCADA or man-machine interface.

It provides a user interface option for operators to operate machinery directly through the gateway software.

Edge Rule Processing Engine

Edge Rule Processing Engine

The gateway will have a built-in business processing engine that can execute user-designed scripts.

Data is pre-processed before sending to the cloud to avoid shipping raw data.

By shifting cloud workloads to itself can greatly reduce the data processing workload on the cloud.

Data loss protection

Data loss protection

Data will be saved in the local historical data storage area at the same time.

In case of network interruption, data will be permanently lost during the communication interruption.

The cloud platform can retrieve data by accessing the historical data storage area when network communication is restored.

Scripts can be modified in real time and remotely

Scripts can be modified in real time and remotely

The gateway supports real-time modification of business rules in runtime scripts.

Allows to change business logic scripts without interrupting your data transmission or machine operations.

Support event trigger

Support event trigger

Self-define event trigger content and its response logic script.

When a defined event occurs, the trigger script should run the logic flow at once.

Integrate with EMQ X

Neuron + EMQ X Broker/Enterprise build a 5G-oriented industrial IoT platform

Low computational resource required. No container requirement.

Support X86, ARM, MIPS architecture

High availability and clustering solution

EMQ X Broker is Perfectly fitted MQTT Message Processing for various IoT applications from edge to cloud in 5G Era.

Use Cases

EMQ X Neuron supports wide range industrial device and sensor data collection, suitable for building various industrial IoT applications.

EMQ X Broker is Perfectly fitted MQTT Message Processing for various IoT applications from edge to cloud in 5G Era.