EMQ X Neuron

The industrial IoT edge protocol gateway supports the construction of an Industry 4.0 platform in the 5G era

Neuron Overview


IoT edge industrial protocol gateway software, which supports one-stop access to dozens of industrial protocols and converts them into MQTT protocol to access the cloud industrial IoT platform.

It supports one-stop platform gateway configuration management. All configurations, rules and tags are unified and managed in the cloud platform, which is deployed in each gateway via Web services to implement remote monitoring, remote maintenance and remote configuration management of equipment.

It is suitable for deployment in various gateway hardware to build an industrial IoT platform. It does not require a container framework. It just requires ultra-low resource consumption, and supports three major architectures of X86, ARM, and MIPS.

Integration with EMQ X Edge and EMQ X Kuiper enables real-time industrial data processing, edge rule processing engine, standard industrial alarms, etc. to monitor machine operations.


Support Multiple Industrial Protocols

Support Multiple Industrial Protocols

Modbus,OPCUA, IEC61850, IEC104,BACnet, Omron, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Schneider...

Reverse control equipment capability

Reverse control equipment capability

Operators directly operate devices via the gateway software.

Listening to relevant topics for southbound device control.

Hierarchical control of permissions for implementing security control of equipment.

Extensible framework

Extensible framework

Extended interfaces provided, and users can customize implementing access to new protocols.

Operations and maintenance tool provided to help flexible deployment of the extended protocol.

Data Loss Protection

Data Loss Protection

The data will be stored in the local historical data storage area at the same time.

In the event of a network outage, data will be permanently lost during the communication interruption.

The cloud platform can retrieve data by accessing the historic data storage area when network communication is restored.

Gateway configuration management based on Web

Gateway configuration management based on Web

All gateway tags are managed uniformly on the Web console.

Gateway provides Rest-API, Websockets data streaming and data reading and writing capabilities.

Ability to display live data changes and live data updates in the browser.

Leverage real-time data for Web SCADA or HMI customized development.

The same configuration can be transferred to two gateways as a redundancy scheme.

Edge computing capability

Edge computing capability

Self-defined events trigger the processing scripts for related business.

Set and manage alarms based on custom conditions.

Gateway supports modifying the script instantly when the business rules is running.

It is allowed that your data transmission or machine operations will not be interrupted when you modify your business logic script.

Integrate with EMQ X

Build a 5G-oriented IIoT platform based on Neuron

Unified IIoT integration solutions

Support X86, ARM, MIPS architecture

High availability and clustering solution

Integrate with EMQ X

Use Cases

EMQ X Neuron supports wide range industrial device and sensor data collection, suitable for building various industrial IoT applications.

EMQ X Broker is Perfectly fitted MQTT Message Processing for various IoT applications from edge to cloud in 5G Era.