EMQ X Platform

Tens-million level, multi-protocol IoT messaging platform, the globally recognized telecom-grade IoT devices access solution


EMQ X Platform is the globally recognized telecom-grade IoT devices access solution for massive scale IoT networks and platforms.

It provides full technology stacks of an unified messaging layer for Ultra-Large IoT platform, including distribution management, load balancing, message routing, rule engine, data bridge, etc.

It supports cross-cloud, cross-IDC, and ultra-large cluster deployment. We provide full life cycle services such as project consultation, system design, platform building, installation, deployment and operation management.


Ten Million Level High Capacity

The only private cloud platform solution in the world to support ten million level connection

All-network and multi-protocol

Supports all wireless networks access and major IoT protocols

Telecom Level High Reliability-Distributed Architecture

High availability, high reliability and multiple security mechanisms at telecom level

Excellent 5G network support

High concurrency, soft real-time and low latency network

Cross-cloud, Cross-IDC Deployment

Cross-data Center, large scale cluster deployment, multi-cloud platform architecture design

Compatible with legacy systems

Work with legacy systems through bridge mode


Provide full life cycle customer service to build large IoT&5G platforms and applications.

Use Cases

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