EMQ X helps build the IoT platform at any scale, running anywhere.

EMQ X Broker

EMQ X Broker

  • Fully Open Source
  • MQTT 3.1/5.0 supported
  • Masterless Clustering
  • High Concurrency
  • Low Latency
  • Highly Extensible
EMQ X Enterprise

EMQ X Enterprise

  • Million-level Device Connections
  • Multiple IoT Protocols Support
  • Powerful SQL-based Rule Engine
  • Various Databases Persistence
  • Bridging Messages to Kafka
  • Management&Monitoring Center
EMQ X Platform

EMQ X Platform

  • 10 Million Concurrent Connections
  • Carrier-Grade and High Reliability
  • Cross-cloud, Cross-IDC Deployment
  • Excellent 5G Network Support
  • Rapid Enterprise Integration
  • Compatible with Legacy Systems

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EMQ X Broker EMQ X Enterprise EMQ X Platform
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