5G in the SA mode networking will be clouded from the network architecture to the business application, forming a New Cloud with more complex cloud network integration than traditional internet cloud. The 5G features such as network slicing and edge computing will promote the appearance and development of new businesses in various industries. 5G MEC is the most important service hosting architecture at present, which needs to implement local processing of services in a location close to users and data. How to quickly realize business access on the edge of dynamic emergence of user demand and transfer business data reliably and efficiently to the application module for processing is the primary problem to be solved by MEC in architecture design and application deployment.


EMQ's innovative MEC solution is specially designed for ultra-low latency, large-scale access and high throughput of 5G. It mainly provides MEC software layer infrastructure and application for telecom carriers, MEC equipment manufacturers, 5G application enterprises, and so on. Firstly, it can realize the secure access of local multi-modal and multi-protocol IoT terminals. Secondly, it filters, aggregates and caches data. It can also push data to local and remote storage and application. The whole solution is based on edge container architecture with fully open management and control interface, and can be integrated with cloud-based unified resource scheduling system and network slicing system.

Benefits & Value

5G Native and Cloud Native can be used across platforms and run on the mainstream MEC server and open source edge computing platform
A unified solution can adapt to various scenarios such as base stations, parks, access clouds, convergent clouds and other scenarios to facilitate operation and maintenance.
Support networking across MEC bridging and edge cloud collaboration. Service support can be extended from single point to MESH type.


5000 + users worldwide