In the era of Internet of Things, carriers own IoT special communication network (such as NB-IoT, 5G), and cloud network is highly integrated. At the same time, there is a mature system of government-enterprise sales and service. It has become the consensus of major carriers around the world to build general or industry-specific IoT platforms (including AEP and DMP) to provide value-added services of the IoT and build an ecosystem through the platforms, acquire and accumulate a large amount of industry data.


Through providing carriers with mature telecommunication-level connections and message platforms, EMQ X realizes cross-industry billion-level equipment access and multi-protocol adaptation, assists carriers to build AEP, DMP and vertical industry application platforms of group-level and provincial IoT. EMQ X has the characteristics of IPv4 and IPv6 dual stacks, cloud native, cross data center and edge computing which can enable carriers maintain rapid development and continue to provide innovative products and high-quality services to enterprises and consumers in the 5G era of interconnection of everything.

Benefits & Value

MQTT, CoAP/LwM2M, JT-808, GBT-32960 One-stop IoT protocol access
Provide high-performance device access capability for single EMQ Node with million-level concurrency, single-cluster with ten million-level concurrency, and millisecond-level delay
Supports various infrastructures that can be deployed in various environments of public cloud, private cloud, container cloud, virtual and physical machine
Capable of cross-cluster and cross-data room, capable of supporting large-scale deployment scenarios with multi-activity in different locations


5000 + users worldwide
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