Finance and Payment


With the maturity of IoT technology and financial network, IoT finance has emerged. Through the IoT technology, a large number of smart devices and payment can be connected with other financial services networks to achieve a richer and safer financial scenario, such as smart payment, smart credit and so on. This poses a huge challenge to the concurrent access capabilities, the stability and security of messaging of the financial service provider platform.


Based on MQTT protocol, EMQ X connects various types of mass payment terminals with payment service platform to provide a large concurrent secure payment data channel for the platform. The back end provides various ways of message docking plug-ins to dock with payment systems and financial services of different types of protocols.

Benefits & Value

Secure connection services through EMQ X and high quality of service (QoS) messages defined by MQTT protocol can provide secure and reliable message channels for payment
High availability EMQ X message broker cluster provides massive device access and stable support for the platform
The simple and convenient horizontal expansion capability of EMQ X cluster can continuously meet the needs of increasing access volume of payment devices with a small amount of investment, without architecture change


5000 + users worldwide