Industrial IoT (IIoT)


With the popularization of the concept of industrial 4.0 and the deepening of its practice in the industry, the demand for traditional industrial transformation and industrial Internet is becoming more and more intense. It includes the basic mode transformation from centralized control to decentralized enhanced control, with the goal of establishing a highly flexible production mode for individualized and digital products and services. In the process of intellectualization and networking of industrial equipment, it is necessary to connect old and new industrial equipment to the Internet to realize data acquisition, remote control and configuration update of industrial equipment. Because there are many kinds of industrial equipment and various buses and protocols involved, industrial equipment clouding has always been a difficult point.


EMQ provides the overall solution from industrial gateway to platform, supports the mainstream industrial bus protocol and manufacturer protocol, and can quickly access industrial equipment. It provides basic data access and management platform for industrial Internet of Things applications at the platform end, and provides rich data interface for industrial applications, which greatly accelerates the development of industrial Internet applications.

Benefits & Value

EMQ Industrial Gateway and Platform supports equipment access with multiple industrial bus interfaces, and supports parsing for more than ten mainstream PLC manufacturers and industrial bus protocol.
EMQ Industrial Gateway has edge computing capability, which can pre-process data before data is sent to the cloud, thus greatly saving network traffic and pressure on the cloud.
EMQ Industrial Gateway and Platform have high stability, which can ensure all time operation and stable transmission of important industrial data.


5000 + users worldwide