IoT Hub on Cloud


At present, more and more enterprises are beginning to digitally transform their business through cloud. The current cloud service providers mainly provide IaaS and PaaS services for traditional Internet, which cannot meet the needs of enterprise intelligence. Therefore, cloud-based Internet of Things Data Access Service (IoT Hub) has become the most important business driver for cloud service providers.


EMQ X's cloud-oriented IoT Hub Solution is developed and designed based on Cloud Native architecture. It includes MQTT data access, authentication management, rule engine, data persistence, multi-tenant management, billing management, console API and other full-stack IoT data access services. It enables cloud service providers to quickly implement the service capabilities of IoT data collecting, transmitting and distributing. It has the competitive advantage with Alibaba Cloud, AWS and Azure in the enterprise IoT cloud service market.

Benefits & Value

Flexible access capacity ranging from 1 to 100 million can satisfy all kinds of IoT enterprise customers
Public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud adopt the same solution to facilitate the integration and unified operation and maintenance of cloud service providers
Container and micro-service, easy to combine with other services of the same cloud platform to produce a variety of industrial solutions.


5000 + users worldwide