IoT PaaS Platform


The IoT PaaS platform mainly refers to AEP (Application Enablement Platform) and DMP (Device Management Platform) that are built across industries or specifically for a certain industry. Platform service providers are generally familiar with industry models, and focused on the realization of business capabilities on platforms. However, they are lack of understanding of the technical architecture and underlying software required for platform construction, which often determines the richness of upper-level business implementation and the reliability and durability of platform operations.


EMQ has built a complete framework for the construction of the IoT PaaS platform. Serving as the core, it integrates a full set of open source products, including load balancing, data persistence, message queue, DNS, security components, Docker and K8S, It optimizes system-level performance for various platform scenarios from small to super-large scale, and provides high-reliability and high-reliability deployment solutions for key business platforms. It also has operational support capabilities with multi-tenancy, per-connection, messaging, and traffic-based billing information supply. It can achieve flexible and fast one-stop building of the Internet of Things platform in AWS, Azure and other mainstream clouds.


The underlying capabilities of the full-stack platform, allowing the company to return to the business, focusing on the realization and operation of business capabilities.
Ten-million level capacity and millisecond delay, so that the Internet of Things business carried by the platform has absolutely leading competitiveness in technical performance.
Full open source solutions, without the risk of lock-in of suppliers'products and services.


5000 + users worldwide