Internet of Vehicles (IoV)


Through 'cloud platform' technology, IoV establishes the connection between vehicle and vehicle, vehicle and human, vehicle and road to realize vehicle information service, vehicle control automation and intelligent transportation. The mobility, huge stock, new quantity and strict safety level of vehicles make reliable information connection between vehicles and the outside world a key link in the realization of vehicle networking.


EMQ X IoV Solution mainly provides integrated access and bidirectional message transfermation capabilities of vehicle terminal and cloud platform. For automobile manufacturers, vehicle equipment manufacturers, vehicle networking platform providers, car rental platform providers, travel service platform providers, and industry regulatory authorities.

Benefits & Value

Access capacity can reach ten-million-level to meet the access needs of large-scale IoV vehicles and mobile devices
Provide millisecond message delay to ensure timely delivery of critical services
Provide access to a number of out-of-the-box industry specification protocols


5000 + users worldwide