Intelligent Meter


A large number of gas meters and tap water meters in cities are read manually, with low efficiency and high labor cost. In recent years, the emergence of intelligent gas meter and intelligent water meter makes automatic meter reading possible. Because the gas meter and water meter can not be connected frequently, the intelligent gas meter and water meter will adopt the low power WAN Solution so as to achieve long-term use without frequent battery replacement. With the continuous investment of carriers in NB-IoT network and the increasing coverage, the low-power NB-IoT Solution has gradually become the preferred choice for intelligent gas meters and water meters.


EMQ X provides platform access capability for massive NB-IoT devices. EMQ X supports the standard CoAP/LwM2M protocol commonly used in NB-IoT networks, supports mainstream NB-IoT modules, and can quickly access NB-IoT devices, which can greatly shorten the construction period of intelligent meter reading platform and save construction cost of platform.

Benefits & Value

Support NB-IoT network common protocol and mainstream NB-IoT module in the market, with fast and convenient device docking.
Support the access of mass devices to ensure the concurrent access of large-scale residential users'smart meters to data transmission.
Millisecond low-delay of message processing to ensure timely processing of monitoring data and fast execution of control instructions for major pipeline equipment.


5000 + users worldwide