NB-IoT/LwM2M Access platform


NB-IoT (a new cellular technology defined by 3GPP) is a low power wide area (LPWA) Internet of Things connection, which allows terminals to collect and exchange data with fewer resources than GRPS, 3G, LTE and other technologies. With the global telecom carriers building and commercializing NB-IoT networks, a large number of new scenarios and applications that traditional cellular technology can not support appear in the market.


EMQ X telecom-level NB-IoT connectivity platform solution that is based on CoAP/LwM2M and MQTT protocol, provides access and data acquisition capabilities for tens of millions of devices. Upper application system can subscribe to NB-IoT network business messages from this platform through REST API, CoAP or MQTT and other ways. It also designed message buffers and anti-control guards mechanism for the low power sleep characteristics of NB-IoT terminals with the cooperation of telecom carriers.

Benefits & Value

It has been docked with the mainstream NB-IoT chips and modules (Link to test record sheet), which can be directly used by enterprises without further investment in PoC
Hybrid support multiple access protocols to facilitate the interconnection and interoperability of heterogeneous networks, which is applicable to more scenarios
The LwM2M custom Option field can be identified and parsed by developing a separate plug-in, which is convenient for enterprises to support the new and old business more flexibly


5000 + users worldwide