New Energy


As a renewable resource, new energy has been widely used in various industries. In the process of production and use of new energy, due to the characteristics of vast and scattered areas and large number of related equipment, it is necessary to build IoT platform for centralized monitoring, management and application services. The primary issue faced by the platforms is how to access, interconnect and realize two-way communication for the massive and decentralized equipment.


EMQ unified access solution for new energy is mainly for new energy production enterprises, operation and maintenance service enterprises and application service enterprises. For low-power dormant network and long-connected continuous online network, centralized access and bidirectional data push of equipment are realized in the cloud, and anti-control information caching, delay and timing transmission functions are specially designed for dormant terminals. At the same time, on the edge of a large amount of data, the EMQ edge message solution can be filtered and aggregated before being uploaded to the cloud.


Cover the edges and clouds, and support a variety of reliable networking methods (cascade or distributed), which can better adapt to the geographically dispersed network of new energy
The communication network is transparent and supports cross-cloud deployment. Different communication carriers and service providers of cloud platforms can be used in different cities
Message transmission only generates millisecond delay, ensuring that service data can basically reach time-independent two-way communication


5000 + users worldwide