Power & Utilities


The construction of Electricity Internet of Things (EIoT) aims to get through the five major business scenarios of electricity transmission, substation, distribution, consumption, and operation. Currently, through a unified IoT platform, the intelligent IoT devices of each business can be accessed to enable business collaboration, data access and unified object management.


As the core platform of the whole Electricity Internet of things system, EMQ EIoT platform can access any protocol power equipment based on any network (power private network, carrier network, satellite network), realize the plug-and-play of all kinds of power terminal equipment, and provide data storage, data sharing and data cleaning capabilities as a data support platform of various enterprise information systems.


Achieve multi-type equipment access and multi-form data acquisition and collation, reduce the technical complexity of the upper power application system
The capability of access layer adopts micro-service mode, which can quickly develop and put on line when the new protocol equipment is connected, without affecting the current operation business
Distributed architecture can flexibly deploy capability nodes according to power network, and single cluster investment can be extended to tens of millions of level equipment access capacity


5000 + users worldwide