Public Cloud


At present, the traditional basic IaaS services of public cloud and Internet PaaS services have entered the stage of homogeneous competition, which can not produce high profit points. While the demand of enterprise digital transformation for cloud platform has also gradually entered the stage of no perception of IaaS and paying more attention to PaaS and SaaS services from the pure purchase of IaaS service. Therefore, IoT PaaS service has become a new market hot spot and business growth point of public cloud.


EMQ X public cloud IoT Solution helps cloud service providers build a full stack of IoT PaaS layer services for enterprise IoT, including IoT Messaging Queue, Rule Engine, Edge Computing, Device Management, and so on. It enables cloud service providers to access a large number of enterprise customers of IoT, and drives the sales of IaaS and other PaaS services such as load balancing, database, message queue, large data, AI, and so on.

Benefits & Value

Lowest memory/CPU resource usage for Single device access, which can saves overall resource and reduces operating costs
Abundant data persistence docking capabilities, support various mainstream relational databases, non-relational databases, time series databases, message queues.
Provide a flexible rule engine to facilitate user's definition for data services of IoT
Provide edge layer message access capability, and provide a unified management platform in the cloud to facilitate management and monitoring


5000 + users worldwide