Smart City


Smart cities are ultimately geared to urban managers, citizens and enterprises, involving people's livelihood, governance, economy and so on. They need to collect and manage various types of terminals based on various communication and Internet networks, as well as the data information generated by these terminals, and carry out multi-dimensional and long-term analysis and application. There is an urgent need for a centralized access platform and a unified data platform to meet the centralized acquisition, comprehensive analysis of urban big data and cross-domain intelligence.


EMQ provides data access capabilities for IoT devices across networks and industries, and concurrent processing capabilities for massive device message data, enabling smart city systems to aggregate data from various industries and complex IoT devices through a unified data access platform to achieve cross-business, cross-industry and cross-organization data interaction and support, which enable the interaction of various urban systems.

Benefits & Value

Unified access capability for cross-industry and cross-network devices.
Access capability of mass equipment. The access capability of tens of millions of devices in a single cluster and the cluster synchronization capability of multi-cluster and cross-data center support complex smart city scenarios.
High-performance and low-latency message processing capability ensures fast message delivery and response in critical and emergency scenarios in smart cities.


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