Smart Home


In the smart home scenario, the interconnection of various devices within the home and the interconnection of family members, conditional linkage, and data sharing, and more business intelligence and business applications based on these massive household data can further promote the intellectualization of family life. At present, the access volume of smart home devices is experiencing a rapid outbreak, which requires the platform to have access to massive devices; Smart home platform providers often face device access problems from different vendors and brands, which poses a challenge to platform architecture design.


EMQ X message broker provides hybrid access capability to mainstream IoT protocols, supports high-concurrent connections and large-scale message throughput for large-scale devices, and provides comprehensive support for massive hybrid-type smart home device access and cross-regional cluster interconnection.

Benefits & Value

EMQ X message broker provides a unified message access Solution for smart home platform providers
EMQ X's massive access capability provides smart home platform providers with cost-effective, large-scale device access solutions
EMQ X supports cloudy deployment and supports cross-cluster message bridging. It can provide platform message synchronization capabilities across countries and regions for smart device manufacturers.


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