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MQTT Platform solution

The MQTT protocol and its flexible publisher/subscriber method has become the industry standard for IoT applications. EMQ has taken this standard to the next level by providing the industry’s most mature and scalable MQTT platform solution. The technology, coupled with excellent round-the-clock support and expertise, means that our customers have world-class solution as well as experts to call on whenever need be.


EMQ X is loaded with built in features – making implementation and network design simplified.

Features include

Billion-level access capacity

Hot upgrades

Cluster-failure self-healing mechanisms

Millisecond message delay

Load balancing

Platform agent subscription with a built-in, self-running monitoring system

Multi-platform SDK

Network architecture:

Low power NB-IoT platform scheme

The low-power, wide-area cellular network NB-IoT has been fully commercialized. NB-IoT has strong coverage as well as low power consumption and low cost. Therefore, various low data rate IoT systems have begun large-scale network construction.

EMQ has embraced this technology. Our NB-IoT platform solution can fully interface any major operator’s NB-IoT network. With massively scalable systems, EMQ NB-IoT is designed to be highly productive – for connected devices’ low-power sleep mechanisms, flexible message cache management, and reliable reverse control functions. The application layer and system-based platform can subscribe to intranet messages through REST, CoAP, and MQTT.

Program features:

Adapted to mainstream NB-IoT chips (Huawei, Qualcomm)

100-level access capacity

Cached sleep period messages in sequence

Group and batch counter-control capabilities

Rich application layer API interface

Network architecture:

Cloud platform IoT PaaS Solution

EMQ provides an IoT PaaS layer platform solution for public cloud platforms, This includes

IoT Hub application

Authentication management

Rules engine

Device management and other suites

Program features:

The following features are available:

IaaS layer transparent

Containerized deployment

Cluster automatic discovery, capacity dynamic scaling

Support for mainstream Internet of Things protocols (MQTT, CoAP, WebSocket, HTTP)


Open API seamless integration with cloud vendor console

Network architecture:

Intelligent hardware platform Solution

Our lives, travel, and work have undergone tremendous changes with the popularity of intelligent hardware. Interconnection is the core essence of today’s intelligent IoT systems. This plays a huge role in acquisition and analytics of data and enables enhanced decision making.

EMQ provides your intelligent hardware platform – meaning our solution is a complete, end-to-end IoT offering. It includes cloud management and end platform management in order to achieve low-cost construction and rapid delivery, no matter the scenario.

Program features:

Cloud:EMQ cloud platform can be deployed in both major domestic and overseas cloud merchant platforms, allowing tens of millions of devices to have access capability. This platform grants all-around management of hardware devices, from authentication to registration, alarm and manipulation – providing APNs push interface, through open API support.

Tube:The network is fully transparent, supporting operators of broadband optical networks, wireless cellular networks (2G/3G/4G/NB-IoT), WIFI and other types of networks.

End:Provides a variety of supported embedded systems and mobile-side SDKs, allowing hardware to quickly access the EMQ cloud.

Network architecture: