Use Cases

EMQX is an open-source, highly scalable, and feature-rich MQTT broker designed for IoT and real-time messaging applications. It supports up to 100 million concurrent IoT device connections per cluster while maintaining a throughput of 1 million messages per second and millisecond latency.

Our users often use EMQX in the following scenarios to fulfill their business requirements.

Reliable and Efficient Pub/Sub Messaging

EMQX supports various protocols, including MQTT (3.1, 3.1.1, and 5.0), HTTP, QUIC, and WebSocket. It also provides secure bi-directional communication with MQTT over TLS/SSL and various authentication mechanisms, ensuring reliable and efficient communication infrastructure for IoT devices and applications.

Using EMQX in mission-critical applications brings you key benefits as follows:

  • Topic-Based Pub/Sub Messaging: EMQX's topic-based publish/subscribe model streamlines the data flow to ensure efficient and flexible message routing.
  • Ultra-Low Latency Delivery: Achieve rapid data transfer with latencies as low as 1 millisecond, ensuring real-time responsiveness.
  • Comprehensive Quality of Service (QoS) Guarantees: EMQX offers end-to-end multi-level QoS guarantees, providing reliable and flexible message delivery.

EMQX can help you in various scenarios listed below.

Peer-to-Peer Communication

image.png You can build up peer-to-peer communications with EMQX. In the asynchronous Pub/Sub model, the message publisher and subscriber are decoupled from each other, as they can be dynamically added or removed as needed. This decoupling provides flexibility to your applications and message communication.

Message Broadcasting to a Large Audience


EMQX excels in scenarios where one-to-many messaging is vital, such as financial market updates. It effectively broadcasts messages to a large number of clients, ensuring timely information dissemination.

Data Consolidation from Massive Endpoints


The many-to-one message pattern in EMQX is ideal for consolidating data in large-scale networks, such as factory plats, modern buildings, retail chains, or electricity grids. EMQX can help you transfer and transmit the data from the endpoints in the network to your centralized backend servers on the cloud or on-premise.

Traceable Communication with Request-Response Awareness


EMQX supports the MQTT 5.0 feature Request-Response. With this feature, you can now increase communication awareness and traceability in your asynchronous communication architect. Learn More →

Data Bridge Across Different Networks


In a partitioned, or limited network environment, EMQX can create the data bridges. EMQX data bridge will provide you with a seamless messaging environment.

Flowing Data Transformation


With a built-in powerful SQL-based rules engine, EMQX can extract, filter, enrich, and transform the flowing data in real-time. Besides, EMQX Enterprise can easily inject data into mainstream databases, data storage, and message queues.

Large File Upload from Endpoints​

EMQX Enterprise provides MQTT protocol file transfer capability, allowing devices to upload large file data and store it locally or in S3 storage. For example, in an IoV scenario, machine learning log files and packaged CAN Bus data can be transmitted to cloud storage to drive updates to intelligent driving algorithm models. This mode combines structured data and file-type data through a unified data channel, reducing application complexity and maintenance costs.


EMQX has been adopted by over 20,000 enterprise users, connecting more than 100 million IoT devices. Over 400 customers, including renowned brands like HPE, VMware, Verifone, SAIC Volkswagen, and Ericsson, trust EMQX for their mission-critical business scenarios.

Below, we list some of the interesting cases where EMQX plays an important role in the entire solution.


Internet of Vehicle and Telematics Service Provider

Revolutionizing TSP Platforms: How EMQX Powers Automotive Connectivity

The future of TSP platforms is to be "data-driven" and "service-oriented". To succeed, the TSP platform needs to ensure reliable connections with cars, efficient data transmission, and flexible data processing. EMQX is essential to make a robust, high-performance, and easy-to-maintain data infrastructure. Learn More →


Smart Cockpit and In-Vehicle Infotainment

Build a smart cockpit with human, road, vehicle, and cloud collaboration

Based on EMQ's cloud-side end-to-end collaborative software architecture, we help car manufacturers build the core capabilities of the smart cockpit with vehicle-cloud collaboration. Learn More →


Electric Vehicle Charging Network

Enable integrated cloud-edge operation of community charging piles

EV Power uses EMQX to empower the charging piles operation platform, solving the problems of scattered equipment areas that are difficult to control, harsh deployment environments, etc. Learn More →


Traffic and Transportation

Logistics Asset Management

A Data-Driven Solution for Logistics Asset Tracking and Maintenance

EMQ provides a comprehensive data-driven solution for logistics asset management with capabilities to collect, transmit, and process data. This helps companies monitor their assets in real-time and gain useful information, leading to informed decisions for management and improved competitiveness. Learn More →


Fleet Management

Unlocking Efficiency: How EMQX Revolutionizes Logistics Fleet Management

With the logistics industry's complex and dynamic nature, effective monitoring, scheduling, and optimization of vehicle fleets are essential throughout the transportation and delivery processes. The timely and reliable delivery of goods, cost optimization, and customer satisfaction heavily rely on efficient fleet management practices. Learn More →


Vehicle to Everything Communication (V2X)

Powering Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure System: Enhancing V2X Connectivity with EMQ

V2X (vehicle-to-everything) is a communication technology that enables vehicles to exchange data with various elements in their environment, including other vehicles (V2V), pedestrians (V2P), infrastructure (V2I), and networks (V2N). CVIS(Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure System) is a promising direction of the intelligent transportation system that requires V2X technology integrating with various sensor technologies, cloud computing, edge computing, and traffic control. See how EMQX plays an important role in the whole picture. Learn More →


Manufacturing and IIoT

From Data to Intelligence: One-Stop MQTT Platform for Smart Factory Advancements

EMQ smart factory solution is designed to establish comprehensive data collection, transmission, distribution, and other mechanisms. This solution empowers factories to rapidly deploy a wide array of intelligent applications, including equipment health management, optimization of energy consumption equipment, production monitoring and analysis, product quality traceability, parameter optimization in the supply chain, predictive maintenance, and defect detection. Learn More →


Oil & Gas

Collecting oil production data in the cloud using EMQ infrastructure

EMQ provides IoT data collection solutions for the oil industry that support real-time data collection and cloud-side collaborative management of oilfield IoT terminal devices. Learn More →


Finance & Payment

Application of EMQX in financial payment IoT

EMQ financial payment industry solutions help customers realize 7*24h continuous service, and it has continuously provided more than five years of stable operation and service for enterprise-level users. Learn More →


Energy & Utilities

The new generation of smart power IoT system

Leveraging EMQ's technological leadership in IoT messaging middleware and SGITG's strengths in national grid technology and markets, the two companies are working closely together to create next-generation power IoT products. Learn More →


Build the world's largest narrowband IoT platform

Through in-depth cooperation with EMQ, E-Surfing IoT has built CTWing into the world's largest group-level NB-IoT device access platform. The cumulative number of connected devices on this IoT platform has reached millions. Learn More →

Consumer Electronics and AIoT

Fighting the COVID-19 epidemic with AIoT and touch-free robotics

An IoT data access platform based on EMQX provides a stable and efficient data access service for an intelligent service robot company, helping it to reach more than 5000 end customers. Learn More →