EMQ X Broker

Open source MQTT 5.0 broker server, high concurrency with low latency, masterless clustering architecture


EMQ X Broker is a massively scalable, highly extensible distributed MQTT message broker written in Erlang/OTP.

Whether you need it for an experimental setup or prototyping a small SME application or even for a massively scaled commercial deployment – EMQ X Broker is open sourced for everyone. Anyone can access the source code of EMQ X Broker at GitHub and download binary packages here.

EMQ X Broker can be deployed anywhere from resource-constrained x86/ARM edge devices to private, hybrid and public clouds.

Latest News:EMQ X Broker 4.1-rc.2 Released Download Now


Fully Open Source

EMQ X Broker is an open-source software and licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0. The source code is available at: https://github.com/emqx/emqx

Masterless Clustering Architecture

EMQ X Broker is written in Erlang, distribution is in its genes. Multiple broker nodes can work together as a cluster to achieve high reliability and high availability

Complete MQTT Compliance

EMQ X Broker simultaneously supports MQTT v3.1, V3.1.1, and V5.0. The complete compliance to the MQTT standard ensures the smooth integration with all major of MQTT clients and tools

High Concurrency with Low Latency

With it’s soft real-time Erlang/OTP design, a single broker node has the ability to serve one million concurrent connections, a cluster can handle several millions of connections and guarantee the millisecond- level latency

Extensible Plugins

The EMQ X Broker is highly extensible. You can write your own plugins to support proprietary protocols at TCP/UDP layer, store data into a database or integrate with an external system

Easy Deployment Anywhere

Besides built from source codes, EMQ X Broker is also available in binary installation packages. It is packaged for major Linux distributions, Windows and MacOSX as well as a docker image to be easily deployed on on-premise or private, hybrid and public clouds

Use Cases

EMQ X Broker is Perfectly fitted MQTT Message Processing for various IoT applications from edge to cloud in 5G Era.

  • 5G EMC Edge Access
  • NB-IoT Access
  • Internet of Vehicles
  • IoT Hub on Cloud
  • IoT PaaS Platform



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