EMQ X Broker

EMQ X Broker is open source, everyone can access the source code of EMQ X Broker on GitHub and download binary packages here. It is available for various Linux distributions and also on Windows and Mac OSX.


Whether you need it for an experimental setup, prototyping, a small SME application, or massively scaled commercial deployment – EMQ X Broker is open source and for everyone. Access the source code on GitHub and download binary packages here. Avaliable for various Linux distribitions as well as Windows and Mac OSX.

  • Complete support of MQTT standard
  • Distributed architecture that maintains our "quality promise": the ability to maintain millions of devices and connections at ease.


EMQ is the industry's leading provider of open source architecture for the Internet of things platform. EMQ company is committed to the global Internet market, to do big things

Open Source

EMQ X Broker is open-source, the codes are available at https://github.com/emqx/emqx

It is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0.

Easy Deployment

Besides the source codes, EMQ X Broker is also available in binary installation packages. It is packaged for linux distributions, including CentOS/RHEL, Ubuntu and Debian, for Windows and for MacOSX. It is also available in Docker Image.

Complete MQTT Compliance

EMQ X Broker V 2 is implemented to fully support MQTT V3.1 and V3.1.1. From EMQ X Broker Version 3, the MQTT 5 will also be fully supported. The complete compliance to MQTT standard ensures the smooth integration with the most of clients and tools.

Low Latency

The design and implementation of EMQ X Broker is sophisticated, it forwards messages within milliseconds even when the system is heavily loaded.

Extensible with Plugins

The Function of EMQ X Broker is extensible, you can write your own plugin to support new communication protocols or store data on database or do anything you want.

Distributed Architecture

EMQ X Broker is written in Erlang, distribution is one of its nature. Multiple EMQ X Broker nodes can work together as a cluster and provide much higher performance.

High Concurrency

EMQ X Broker is designed to be able to work as a carrier level platform. With proper hardware, a single Broker node has the ability of serving one million clients, a cluster can handle several millions of concurrent connections.

Shared Subscription

Shared subscription allows multiple clients share some particular topics and consume the messages together. It works like a client side load balancer, and is extreme useful for some scenarios.


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