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Banned Clients

EMQX provides users with a banning functionality to deny the access from a specific client. You can add a client to the banned list by the client ID, user name or source IP address.

This page mainly introduces how to create and remove the banned clients on EMQX Dashboard, but you also use this function through REST API.

DEL /bannedClear all banned data.
GET /bannedList all currently banned client IDs, usernames and IP addresses.
POST /bannedAdd a client ID, username or IP address to the blacklist.
DEL /banned/ {as} /{who}Remove a client ID, username or IP address from the blacklist.


The banned list is only applicable to a small number of client bans. If there are a large number of clients requiring authentication management, use the authentication function.

Create Banned Clients

  1. Go to EMQX Dashboard, and click Access Control -> Banned Clients on the left navigation menu to enter the Banned Clients page.
  2. Click Create at the top right corner. In the Create dialog, specify a client to be banned.
    • Banned Object: Choose how to enact a ban on a client by specifying either the Client ID, Username, or IP Address from the dropdown list, and then provide the associated value.
    • Expire At (optional): Click the clock icon to select the expiration time and date for this banning action.
    • Reason (optional): Fill in the reason why you want to ban this client in this text box.
  3. Click Create to finish the setting.

Clear Banned Clients

You can remove a single banned client record by clicking the Delete button in the Actions column. If you want to clear the records on the page all at once, click the Clear All button.