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Prometheus is the monitoring solution open-sourced by SoundCloud, featuring its support for a multidimensional data model, flexible query language, and powerful alarm management.

You can use Dashboard to configure monitoring data integration to the Prometheus platform, for detailed operation steps, see Integrate with Prometheus.

Or work with the emqx.conf configuration file:

prometheus {
  push_gateway_server = ""
  interval = 15s
  headers {}
  job_name = "${name}/instance/${name}~${host}"


  • push_gateway_server is to set the URL of a Prometheus push gateway server, which is used to push metrics to Prometheus, default:
  • interval is to set the interval at which metrics will be collected and exported to Prometheus, default: 15s.
  • headers is to set the additional headers to be included in the HTTP request made to the Prometheus push gateway server.
  • job_name is to set the name of the job in Prometheus to which the metrics will be exported, default: "${name}/instance/${name}~${host}"


To configure listeners via Dashboard, click Management -> Monitoring -> Integration on the left navigation menu of the Dashboard. Once you configured these items with the Dashboard, your settings will override the same configuration items in emqx.conf.

EMQX has offered more configuration items to better serve customized needs, you can continue to read Configuration Manual.